icon3.gif  現今電話語音系統 (VMS)無論在個人企業至政府機關階應用廣泛,AOS 提供之電話語音設備功能齊備,價格經濟,支持自動電話總機,語音信箱,語音資訊咨詢服務等功能,並可與各廠牌之電話交換機(PBX)整合。

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comm_im1200.pngicon3.gifIM1200 是一台電話語音及留言信箱系統,可支持 4 - 8 ports , 系統基本可1萬或以上小時留言,可結合市面上多種品牌 PBX 系統應用,系統結構簡單,功能全面,穩定性強,。details.gif

is an embedded Voice Mail System. It provides auto attendant, voice mail and unified messaging function.  it is easy to set up and maintain the system. ideal for all PBX systems.

* 注意: 由
2016年10 起 IM1200  語音系統將在香港停止銷售,已購買的用戶在保用有效期內仍繼續堡受到保固。
* Please note: From Oct,2016, IM1200 Voice Mail System hasl be discontinued in Hong Kong market 

comm_dar10000.pngicon3.gif DAR-1000 是一台多功能電話答錄機, 主要功能包括了電話留言、通話錄音及會議錄音用途。透過 USB接口可將資料快速上傳到個人電腦上作備份和管理用途,非常合適個體戶公司,家庭,個人商用通訊應用,以優化通信模式。details.gif

icon3.gif DAR-1000 is the recorder device that provides multi functions and low-cost effective option for call recording, It supports direct connection with telephone line or handset's microphone and speaker, It has a USB port, allowing users to transfer voice recordings to their PC for playback, archiving and management. more.gif


icon3.gifIG7600 以手機就是行動分機概念,為中小企業精心設計之多功能通訊設備,除了支援網路電話功能,遠端分機互打免費外,系統具備網際網路整合功能,多套就是一套, 系統可簡易地與新舊交換機(PBX)整合,建構IP網路聯網系統。details.gif

icon3.gif IG7600 Smartphone Business System enables your smartphone to become an extension on your existing analog/digital office phone system. It provides access to all your office telephone line from anywhere you are via your smartphone! Easy, simple, cost effective and efficient way to upgrade your existing office phone system.more.gif