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Selection Guide

Specifications / Model


 Number of Channels


 Connection Type

 Handset and headset

 Record Interface



 8GB (internal SDHC card)

 Capacity (based on 8GB)

 LP = 543 hours;  SP = 275 hours;  HQ = 137 hours

 Record Mode

 Manual, VOX, hook sensor

 Internal Microphone

 Yes (for conference recording)

 Maximum Record Files


 Ethernet Port

 100Mbps X 2

 External Microphone Jack


 Power Supply

 5VDC, (Optional) PoE


 190mm (W) x 283mm (D) x 25mm (H)




 PoE (Power over Ethernet)
 Record indicator
 Headset hanger

Optional Accessories

*  PoE Module
   CallPad can be powered via this internal module if the network supports Power-over-Ethernet.

*  Record Indicator
   An LED light with 1.8m cable to be mounted on office divider for supervisor to easily check agent status.

*  Headset Hanger
   An attachment to CallPad for hanging a headset conveniently when it’s not in use.


*  Banking Institutions    *  Insurance Agencies    *  Customer Service Centers    *  Stock Brokers
*  Government Institutions     * Sales Department     *  Travel Agencies     * Call Centers     * Dispatch Centers  

* CallPad is a trademark of Eletech Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Overview (產品慨述)    symarw01.gifSpecifiction (技術規格)     Brochure (產品宣傳)     Quick Operation (操作說明)