here.gifTCR-2000 Completes Your Daily Voice Recording Needs (Newsletter 15071)
  • TCR-2000 is a new-generation single channel voice recording device for a wide range of users to complete their daily recording needs. More importantly, TCR-2000 is the device that meets the latest regulatory requirements, especially those imposed by the government after the financial crisis.     
  1. Direct connection with analog phone line
  2. Direct connection with handset of digital/IP phone
  3. Meeting room / office desktop conversation recording
  4. Playback via built-in speaker or external earphone (for privacy of listening)
  5. Call monitoring in live via built-in speaker or external earphone (for privacy of listening)
  6. Direct connection with computer via built-in USB v2.0 port
  7. Call recording having MD5 128 bit checksum for digital fingerprint
  8. Call recording encrypted by AES 256 bit
  9. Call Recording Announcement implemented by built-in TD-100 (Optional)
  10. Free software for replay, archiving and management in PC
  11. AA battery operating option
  12. Recordings centralization via computer network
  13. Recordings centralized by DCRS Central Archiving
here.gifTCR-2000 is Compliant to Applicable Law
  • TCR-2000 does far more than just record conversations.  It plays prerecorded statements to telephone line (or built-in speaker) and record them with conversations, enabling that financial planners, investment advisors, attorneys, trading agents and mission critical persons delimit the scope of rights and obligations in a legally-recognized fashion and accurately meet the compliance requirements of the applicable laws.    
here.gifTCR-2000 Provides Excellent Security Features
  • Setup menu is where the system is configured and memory card is where voice recordings are stored. When speaking in term of system and recording security, these two areas are the core of TCR-2000. For effective protection to these two areas, TCR-2000 introduces 3 levels of access restrictions ("user level", "admin level" and "memory card") by making use of password, which forms the authorization condition that has to be met before a user can gain access for them.
  • Memory card is computer-readable media. For avoiding content of voice recordings from exposing to unauthorized persons in the case that a memory card was lost or even stolen, TCR-2000 is made to allow users to enable protection for voice recordings with AES 256-bit encryption technology and MD5 checksum for digital fingerprinting. TCR-2000 provides the security features that even an advanced PC-based voice logger can't supply.